Carolyn Rankin is a trial attorney who specializes in the defense of insureds in casualty, motor vehicle, and construction accident matters.  Ms. Rankin is best known for her successes in the Courtroom.  Over her 26-year career her unorthodox approach to litigation has earned her clients many an unexpected favorable verdict.

In 2005, Ms. Rankin joined an established Nassau County insurance defense firm as a senior trial attorney and was quickly promoted to partner in 2007.  There she continued to specialize in the trials of matters involving premises, automobile, trucking, construction, and insurance claims, trying over 35 cases to verdict.  Her talents have earned her the reputation of the “go to” person for troubled cases.

Ms. Rankin was one of the first attorneys in New York to incorporate the use of biomechanical experts at trial.  Ms. Rankin is now a specialist and leader in the field, having obtained numerous defense verdicts after the trial of damages in cases involving surgical repair of soft tissue injuries.

In 2015, Ms. Rankin founded her own firm and in 2017 was joined by Edward J. Savidge.  Since then, the firm has steadily grown to service a multitude of preeminent insurance carriers, as well as self-insurers and private corporations in all boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. At Rankin Savidge, PLLC Ms. Rankin continues to represent and defend clients in the defense of personal injury actions. Additionally, she counsels and represents insurers in the trials of various insurance coverage and contract disputes.

Recent Notable Verdicts

2022 Konstantanov v. MTLR Corp., Mehadrin Dairy Corp. 300045/2017 Supreme Court, Kings County Retained on eve of trial.  Case had over 10 years of prejudgment interest running.  Defense verdict on damages of traumatic brain injury matter. 

2021 Brutus v. Grinberg 509700/2017 Supreme Court, Kings County

Defense verdict on liability in this premises case.

2019 Elysee v. Louis – 502552/12 Supreme Court, Kings County

Defense verdict on liability automobile case.

2018 Musgraves v. McFarlane – 308737/11 Supreme Court, Bronx County

Defense verdict on damages in automobile case with shoulder surgery.

2017 Garcia v. Islam – 17079/14 Supreme Court, Queens County

Defense verdict on liability in an automobile case with knee surgery.

2016 Haughton v. Gillkes – 2227/11 Supreme Court, Kings County

Defense verdict on damages in automobile case with claimed need for surgery.  (Settled after verdict)

2016  Scaliardich v. Smilovic – 12847/13 Supreme Court, Kings County

Directed verdict for the defense on liability against two passenger plaintiffs claiming defendant driver lost control of host vehicle causing car to ricochet between guard rails.  Both passengers sustained fractures.

2016  Garcia v. Fuchs – 300134-14 Supreme Court, Kings County

Defense verdict on liability for driver who struck bicyclist in an intersection. Bicyclist sustained multiple fractures to leg requiring open reduction and internal fixation.

2015 Ramirez v. Ehlah – 12 CV 8710 Southern District of New York

Defense verdict after unified trial for defendant driver who allegedly drove over passenger’s leg as he exited livery vehicle.   Plaintiff sustained fractured leg requiring ORIF.

2014 Cruz v. Jeffreys – 2823/13 Supreme Court, Queens County

Defense verdict on liability for driver who turned right out of a parking lot without looking, striking the two pedestrian plaintiffs.

 2014  Yao v. Alan’s Trucking 31806/07.   Supreme Court, Kings County

Defense verdict on damages for plaintiff who underwent two spinal surgeries including spinal fusion after having been involved in a collision with defendant’s truck. The host vehicle sustained significant damage.

2013 Stevens v. Ramirez 300027/11 Civil Court, Bronx County

Defense verdict for driver who struck infant pedestrian crossing a commercial street.  (Matter settled after verdict).

2013 Aidoo v. Cotton Cab Corp 306681/09 Supreme Court, Bronx County

$5,000 verdict for the plaintiff after damages trial.  Plaintiff presented evidence of injuries which resulted in total disability.

2011 Fraser-Baptistery v. NYCTA 30206/08 Supreme Court, Kings County

Defense verdict for driver on liability in which defendant driver crossed a double yellow line and passed the NYCTA bus on the left.  Accident ensued as driver returned to the proper lane and collided with bus.

2009 Thomas v. Kamar- 22855/05 Supreme Court, Queens County

Defense verdict on liability for driver who made a left turn in front of a police car on Queens Blvd.

Notable Decisions

2019 Stoves v. Courier Car Rental, Inc. RGIS, LLC 505062/2013 Supreme Court, Kings County

Matter transferred for handling on the eve of trial.  By Order to Show cause secured decision vacating the Note of Issue and resetting clock for summary judgment motion.  Motion for Summary Judgment was granted for our client on the issue of Worker’s Compensation Defense,            an issue which had been considered and dismissed by pervious counsel.

2018 Kotynski v. Ari Fleet Lt 3635/14 Supreme Court Queens County 

Matter transferred for handling on eve of trial.  Uncovered defense of pre-existing condition OPLL resulting in settlement after split liability verdict.  Settlement was 1/5 of the firm demand before matter was transferred.

2017 Petrizzi v. Lease Plan USA 6743/13

Matter transferred on the eve of trial.   Upon review, discovered new avenue of defense. Filed Order to Show Cause to vacate Note of Issue which was granted.  Thereafter, opened up discovery which disclosed facts to refute causation of plaintiff’s multiple spinal fusions, resulting in settlement at a significant savings.

Notable Appellate Decision

Klopchin v. Masri 45 A.D.3rd 737, (2nd Dept. 2007)

Obtained reversal of lower court’s grant of summary judgment to injured plaintiff in matter where the defendant’s vehicle struck plaintiff’s vehicle in the rear.


1984 – CW Post Long Island University – B.A. in Psychology

1991 – St. John’s University – J.D.


New York State – 1992

Southern and Eastern Districts of New York – 1992


Ms. Rankin is a frequent speaker on tort topics for the New York State Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education series and for insurance companies focusing upon the education of the legal and claims communities.  Her lectures and presentations have included:

  • Claims and Litigation Strategies for Defending Catastrophic and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cases
  • The Use of Biomechanical Experts, Conducting the Effective Deposition
  • Trial Advocacy and The No Fault Threshold Defense in Surgical Cases.


Defense Association of New York

New York State Bar Association