Alternative Dispute Resolution

Some matters are not suitable for the costs and risks associated with a full trial. With this in mind, we offer our clients the option to explore other abridged forms of resolution with counsel who are fully versed in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

We often employ the use of summary jury trials in cases with varying amounts of exposure. The summary jury trial limits the exposure and cost for our clients while still having a jury decide the case. Our litigators are fully familiar with the abridged format and the specific rules for Summary Jury Trials which vary from Court to Court.

Arbitration and mediation are also available in civil actions where a full trial is not appropriate for the defense. For our clients who desire Arbitration, we negotiate favorable high/low agreements for the case before appearing before the Arbitrator. This has the benefit of capping the plaintiff’s potential recovery, protecting our clients from any potential excess exposure and limiting the costs of the defense. In the alternative, we also make ample use of Mediation to bracket demands and offers for settlement purposes.